Rock‑Solid Technology Consultants

Helping business leaders align customer needs with business strategy for technology success


“Our goal for the site is to deliver services that go beyond customer satisfaction to create customer loyalty... We chose Igneous because they understand how Internet strategy can create value-added business products and services.”
--Pamela Davis, CEO and President of the NIA Group

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People Come First

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We belive that putting people first and making them your focus gives your project a huge advantage. All measures of success ultimately come down to successfully engaging and serving people.

Business Strategy is Key

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Your technology project must also serve your business strategy. We can help refine business objectives, envision online features that differentiate your business, and design built-in tools and metrics that make you more effective.

Technology is the Foundation

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Technology is the foundation that enables you to achieve your customer experience and business goals. We can help you select the appropriate technology, and plan, manage, and implement its execution. We are expert in building scalable and highly available online systems.